Rubbish run

Another Saturday, another parkrun! Missed last week’s run as Rob was here and my GP made me have a flu shot at that time. But hey, some rest is good for the body, right? Well, I thought so at least but my time today was over a minute under my PB. Maybe that was due to having missed last week and some other exercise or maybe it was due to the torrential rain and strong wind that did it? Haha, who knows?! It was extremely muddy and the puddles were foot-deep with freezing water. At one point my trainer got stuck in the mud and I had to stop to get it and put it back on.



Some pictures of my muddyness and my abs ;) Now I need to do some reading and uni work. See you later :)

A good student

Yesterday I was at uni doing some work at the computers in the big ‘PC cluster’ in the library. I plugged my USB-stick into the computer I was working on, printed a few things and then left – without my USB-stick! I didn’t realise until I was in the car on my way home. My beloved USB-stick that has a whole load of important information on it and whole load of sentimental things! I thought that I’d never be able to get it back to be honest. But today when I went someone had found it and handed it in for me! I was so happy when the lady behind the desk at the library asked me to describe it and then found it in the ‘lost-and-found’-stuff! Made my Friday! I’m so glad that there are good people out there!


Me and my USB-stick that I got back today! So happy :)

My friend the artist.

A while ago (well, 8 months ago to be exactly) it was Rob’s birthday and I really wanted to get him a Dachshund for his birthday. But as we were living in rented accommodation and about to turn our life upside down I couldn’t bring a dog into our lives. So I had the brilliant idea to have a painting of a Dachshund done and give it to him. Rob really liked it and it will definitely have it’s own space when we finally manage to buy a house together.


This is not his main art style, and is called ‘unfinished’ for a reason.

As a thank you I thought it would be nice to link to my friend’s instagram account; @Edekthompson and his facebook page. So, please go and support some amazing art! The art he normally does is a bit more ‘wacky’ and interesting than a plain ol’ dog ;)

November goals!

Another month gone, ey? I just don’t understand where time goes (and I will keep repeating this until I do understand!). October was a hectic month, had a lot to do at uni and Rob came down on Wednesday so had to cram a lot in before he arrived so that I could have the days off and just be with him. But i managed and also managed to have a few lovely days with my Robbo :)

Anyway, let’s have a look at the goals from last month and put some new ones up for next month. Then we’ll also have a look at the New Years resolutions I made last year as we’re so close to a New Year again…

My October Goals were:

  • Save money and decrease my overdraft. Hopefully my old laptop will sell for a bit of money (it’s on eBay at the moment) and it will take the cost of the new one down (I got student discount as well). This was an interesting one. I did sell my old laptop and got a good price for it and I managed to save a bit of money and decreased my overdraft. I could have saved more, but my car needed repairs and new tyres, which cost a lot of money… Ah, well next time.
  • Keep healthy and exercise! Think I will join the circuits training with a couple of my course mates :) I’ve been doing a lot of exercise! I am hooked on the park runs and have joined a class called ‘cardio blast’ at the uni gym with some course mates. It’s great :)
  • Blog more about this incredible journey I am making! This is a hard one to work towards as I have a lot to do and come home late. But it’s not impossible is it?
  • Look over my carb intake again! In progress, but just wish I didn’t love bread and cereal so much, hehe.

My November goals:

  • Save money (always) and keep decreasing my overdraft until it is at an acceptable rate. £200 more in a overdraft than what I get monthly is not acceptable.
  • Exercise!!
  • Carbs, carbs, carbs. Need to cut down the sugar and refined carbs.


My New Years resolutions:

  • Save up the rest of the money for our summer holiday and perhaps some more [x]
  • Have the most epic holiday ever! We are three couples going and hiring a villa, I can’t wait![x]
  • Get that driving license [x]
  • Eat at the dining table more often (not just being lazy and have it while watching TV) [x]
  • Get on to the doctorate, I will do this! [x]
  • Explore life to the max, find new experiences, people and adventures. [x]

Wow, this is the first time I manage to reach all the resolutions I have made before I even reach the end of the year! Obviously some of them can be worked on further and I will of course do that.


Feeling sick, sick, sick…

Very, very sorry for the absolutely horrendous blogging from my side! All I can say is that I have had 2-3 very hectic months, the trainee programme has not given us a “soft” start at all. I have lectures from 10am to 5pm every weekday and assignments to do in between. Not to mention that it takes me an hour to get in to uni every day. We started a couple of placements as well and last week we observed an infant that was 2.5weeks old! Will observe him an hour a month until he turns 1. Am very happy about this as it will be amazing to see the development of a little human being! This week we had a placement at a nursery, another interesting set of observations… I can only say that I am happy not to be working at a nursery, hehe. They were very cute, but definitely not my cup of tea.

Other than that I have managed to settle in in Plymouth quite well, I have sorted out my room to an acceptable standard and am almost completely finished with it. Pictures will come up when I’m all done :) I also joined in in my first ‘parkrun’! It was great to come out early on a Saturday morning and run 5K with about 100 people! Was looking forward to running it again this week, but have a very, very sore throat today and will have to see how I feel on Saturday. Hoping it will go away as soon as possible as I hate feeling ill…

Thought that I can finish off with goals for this month, and evaluate the goals that I set last time (which was in June!! Shame on me).

My June goals were:

  • Save money! Our up and coming move out of London requires it… We managed to save quite a lot in June, but then obviously spent it on moving and on our holiday.
  • Exercise outside and enjoy the weather at the same time! I managed to exercise a great deal and got to use Rob’s mum’s treadmill which was quite nice. Walked a lot as well and exercised outside with the kids at work. June was a great month for exercise.
  • Blog more often and come up with fun and interesting things to write about my exercise. Maybe it will make my own exercise more interesting? As I have been very bad at blogging this did not happen… Sorry guys… But I can try again ;)
  • Keep my carb intake lower than I have in the past. This worked really well until I started uni again… Need to try again!

October goals:

  • Save money and decrease my overdraft. Hopefully my old laptop will sell for a bit of money (it’s on eBay at the moment) and it will take the cost of the new one (I got student discount as well).
  • Keep healthy and exercise! Think I will join the circuits training with a couple of my course mates :)
  • Blog more about this incredible journey I am making!
  • Look over my carb intake again!

New name, new life.

So, as you can see the name of the blog has changed to accommodate for the big change in my life. I can’t quite believe that I am now a Trainee Educational Psychologist, or almost at least. Official start date is 15th of September. I am very excited but at the same time, very very scared. Until then I am trying to make myself at home in Devon (Living without the love of my life is killing me a little, more about that in a different post). I’ve also got a whole heap of pre-course assignments to sort out. I’ve finished one, almost finished another (just need to shorten it a few rows) and yesterday I finished two thirds of another assignment. Quite a few of the assignments are to do with interviewing people and I have one interview booked in, but can’t seem to get any other people to agree to an interview… Will just have to keep trying.

But today is a Saturday so I can’t contact anyone really, but my goal for today is to finish the two almost finished assignments and then go on to another one and finish that one too. I am also planning on taking a little bit of time out and painting a tree onto my wall :) Will also have to tidy up my room a little bit :)

Have a good Saturday people!

I’m back.

So I’ve been away for a while. What I’ve been up to you ask? Well to start with there was so much to do at work and as we had to move out to Rob’s mum’s house which is very far away from my work it was almost impossible to get time to update this space. Then work finished and I went home, packed and the next day we were off on to a holiday in Spain. The holiday was amazing, such great fun with great friends.


It was just absolutely amazing and I feel so refreshed and ready for what this autumn has to offer :)

Speaking of this autumn though, I am worried about one thing… Remember when I wrote in my last post that I was looking forward to having my own car and driving around rural Devon, etc… Well, I got a car! It’s a Citroën C3 convertible and I call it C3Po (other StarWars lovers out there will know who/what C3p0 is) and here it is;

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 21.22.01

My worry is however that I’m not very confident… I make silly mistakes when I’m driving it and it all just drives me a little mad… and less confident… Anyone with a similar experience that got over that? How did you become more confident? The worst thing is that it seems to get worse when I’ve got my Robbo in it… I seem to have this idea in my head that he thinks that I’m a female driver and that I’m therefore shit and I sit there and just think about how shit he thinks I am. Which he obviously doesn’t… But it really puts me off because he used to be a “boy racer” and really loves his cars… So all of this is just in my head, but I don’t know how to get it out of my head… Anyone with any ideas?