Happy Easter!

I’ve got my chicks out ;)


Wishing you all a great Easter holiday! Today I walked 14km in gorgeous spring weather and tomorrow I’ll be celebrating by going to the opticians ;) Will have a nice brunch/lunch after that though ;)


Favourite meal of the day :)


Today I had oat porridge made with a little tiny bit of salt, almond milk and obviously rolled oats, topped with banana and cinnamon mash. Also had a slice of low carb bread (only 12g of carbs per slice!) with low fat patê, and some cucumber slices.

What did you have for breakfast?

Again, seriously?!

Ha, so my challenge yesterday was my practical driving test and I failed. Again! I must be the person with the most bad luck when it comes to this driving test, ever! I can’t believe that what failed me was a stupid indication light that was left on after changing lanes 2 seconds too long and which some stupid van driver interpreted as me wanting to turn left (yeah, right I would turn left driving 40mph! Who does that? And why was he in the stupid junction, positioned as if he was to turn right but then decided to turn left around another car that he was blocking?). Ah, well better luck next time. I’m not angry, just a bit disappointed and sad that it has taken me this long and has been such an expense! But like Shakira says “Pick yourself up and dust yourself off, you’re back in the saddle” (from the song ‘Waka Waka’) (I know I’m soo cheesy). It’s true, that’s what life is about; if you fail you can’t just give up, you need to get up and try again! It’s like babies who fall over after their first step, what do they do? They don’t just resort back to crawling for the rest of their lives, they try again until they’ve mastered it. For some it takes longer than others and the most important thing is that that is OK. We are allowed to be different, good at different things. I mean I am great academically, practically not so, others are the other way around and it’s what makes humanity so beautiful. We’re all different, and we all complement each other.

With that said, I’m going to go away and do something I’m good at; organising! Time to work out what to keep and what to throw away before my move to Devon (!). Until next time I’ll leave you with a date to keep your fingers crossed for me; 27th May. Don’t forget, I need as many fingers crossed as possible!

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 17.44.11

Sooner or later I will make it!




That time on a Sunday night..

It’s around this time on a Sunday night that I start becoming instinctively aware of the coming Monday. I have often told myself that I like new weeks, new beginnings, new chances. But to be perfectly honest I do not like them. I do not like to leave a perfectly good week to start a new, unknown one. The new, the unknown frightens me, the change unsettles me. At the same time, the monotonousness of it all starting again bores me. How many Mondays have I had to endure now? 1 315. 1 315 Mondays. The never ending cycle of it all drives me mad. So, how does this mixture of change and neverendingness (yes, I made that word up) make me feel? To be perfectly honest, it’s the mix of the two things I hate the most and I have been trying to change my attitude towards it for a long time, just to realise that all I need is to accept it and be at peace with it. I hate change, I hate Mondays, I hate the never ending cycle year in and year out.

Maybe this is particularly the reason for my hate of Mondays; the mix of it. If it was truly new it would be exciting! But it is not. It is routine and sameness disguised as being new. It is change hidden among the same old routine without giving you a warning of it coming. The feeling of it being same week in week out, with the little added fear of that something crazy might just jump out at you stresses me out.

I’m sorry for my philosophical babble, but maybe it is tomorrow’s challenge that makes me think of it. After all I am on my Easter break from work and tomorrow I’ll do something I don’t normally do. Perhaps the reason to my amplified hatred for Mondays, I cannot predict what will happen. Again, I wish I could tell you what I’m up to tomorrow morning, but I don’t feel ready for that… Tomorrow will be a challenge for me, not only will I do something out of the ordinary, but it will be something out of my comfort zone. I will update you on how it went. But like a dear friend of mine said “You will stretch and in the stretching you will grow”, hopefully I won’t brake in the stretch!

How I feel about change, said by my favourite TV character Sheldon Cooper.

How I feel about change, said by my favourite TV character Sheldon Cooper.

Lets look at those resolutions.

More than a quarter of the year has gone and I thought I’d look at the New Years resolutions I made.

New Years Resolutions 2014

  • Save up the rest of the money for our summer holiday and perhaps some more [ ]
  • Have the most epic holiday ever! We are three couples going and hiring a villa, I can’t wait! [ ]
  • Get that driving license, obviously ;)  [ ]
  • Eat at the dining table more often (not just being lazy and have it while watching TV) [ ]
  • Get on to the doctorate, I will do this! [tick]
  • Explore life to the max, find new experiences, people and adventures. [ ]

It is a bit hard to tick all of them of just like that as they’re not as concrete as the one I have ticked off, and more of ‘work in progress’-goals. But so far I am happy out of 6 goals I have completed one, one is on it’s way of becoming completed and we have been eating at the dining table a great deal more than we have in front of the telly! Summer holiday is also almost paid off (two thirds are paid off), and getting on the doctorate will definitely help me get new experiences, people and adventures. I am so happy with life at the moment, could not ask for more. Hopefully, this year will continue the same way. :)

Me and the letter confirming that I got on the doctorate!

Me and the letter confirming that I got on the doctorate!


What I wore..

So, now when I feel that I can talk about my interviews and the amazing result of getting onto the doctorate I can show you what I wore!! Beside my love for exercise, psychology and education, I do love clothes! So let me show you what I wore for the successful interview at Exeter univeristy :)

Navy blue dress from H&M, also had a cardigan from United Colors of Benetton. Shoes from Shuh.

Navy blue dress from H&M, also had a cardigan from United Colors of Benetton. Shoes from Shuh.

April Goals

It’s the time of month again where I evaluate last months goals and set some new ones! I do like this time of month as it’s making me reflect upon what I’ve managed to achieve and to direct my focus onto those important things I want to focus on.

So here goes, last months goals:

  • Keep the exercise up, add in more cardio and do every day exercises, e.g. bicep curls with shopping bags! I’ve done a fair amount of exercise, I even run up the escalator in the morning on my way out of the tube. Have biked a lot too and gone for walks :)
  • Prepare well for challenges at the end of March. So, I must have prepared well becuase I got on to the doctorate! I will be an educational psychologist!
  • Eat less sugar, lately I have been getting lazier with the sweet stuff and I can see the (bad) result on my skin. I think I’ve managed well, made sure I have had a snack with me to work so that I won’t go for the chocolate or biscuits at 4pm… :)

April goals;

  • Keep exercising and go back to yoga after Easter!
  • Finish my portfolio for work
  • Take my time to finish off different projects during the Easter holidays
  • Lose a kg or two

What are your goals this month?